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Etchea Energy welcomes UK government's interconnection and offshore wind plans

Updated: Apr 24

Etchea Energy is delighted to see the ambitious plans to increase interconnection capacity and support the deployment of offshore wind set out by the UK government in Powering Up Britain - Energy Security Plan.

Interconnectors are vital to the resilience and efficiency of the UK power systems, allowing the UK to import power when the energy output is low and export extra green power when it is high. Current commitments aim to increase connection capacity to at least 18 gigawatts by 2030 and build the UK’s first multi-purpose interconnectors. This will facilitate more coordinated connections from the windfarms to shore, while reducing capital and operational costs. The identification of the third Ofgem cap and floor window interconnectors, which includes MaresConnect, is an important step in realizing these goals.

The Government's interest in the Xlinks project, a proposed large-scale onshore wind, solar and battery electricity generation site in Morocco that would exclusively supply power to the GB grid via HVDC subsea cables represents an important step in raising the UK’s ambition to take bold decisions to achieve net zero.

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