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Etchea Energy and its associates provide services to a broad range of clients including other transmission projects, energy tech companies and storage projects. As part of our services we may take an equity interest in projects to afirm our commitment to the business plan and align with the long-term vision of our clients’ management and shareholders. Recent assignments include services to provide:

  • Advice on Energy Regulation in the UK and Europe including the Cap & Floor model, developing regulation for multi-purpose interconnectors and EU policy and directives for onshore and offshore assets. 

  • EPC procurement advice on technical and commercial aspects of large EPC contracts to ensure bankability and optimise risk allocation between client and contractor.

  • Development of Business Plans for large scale projects covering the preparation of detailed project plans; financial budgets (development, construction and operating); regulatory optioneering; and assistance in the preparation of financial models;

  • Coordination of debt and equity fundraising for the development of new businesses and construction financing. As part of the fundraising process, we work closely with our clients’ management teams to ensure the coordination of information and economic models to present a coherent investment opportunity to investors.


Greenlink is an electricity interconnector project that will link the electricity grids in Ireland and Great Britain, and has a nominal capacity of 500MW. Greenlink commenced construction in 2022 and will provide a new grid connection between EirGrid’s Great Island substation in County Wexford (Ireland) and National Grid’s Pembroke substation in Pembrokeshire (Wales). The power will be able to flow in either direction, depending on supply and demand in each country.
Greenlink has key strategic importance, as it will provide significant additional interconnection between Ireland and Great Britain, with onward connections to continental Europe. The construction and development of Greenlink will deliver increased energy security, regional investment and value for money to consumers, and will enable the further integration of low carbon renewable energy sources.
Members of the Etchea Energy team provided project director services covering all aspects of the development phase. Their services included the coordination of the EPC procurement process, the successful application for Cap & Floor regulation in Ireland and the UK, securing a private equity capital investment for the development and construction phases, and developing the architecture for Greenlink’s €500m project financing.

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ElecLink is an electricity interconnector between Great Britain and France, passing through the Channel Tunnel, and operational since 2022. It has a capacity of 1000MW HVDC. Unlike other interconnector projects, which are fully underwritten by electricity consumers, ElecLink bears 100% of the investment risk. The project has been financed entirely through private funds. 
ElecLink supports market integration, boosts competition in energy markets, reinforces security of supply and is a significant contributor to reducing CO2 emissions through increased renewable energy utilisation on both sides of the Channel.
Simon Ludlam originated the concept and transaction with Eurotunnel. As Executive Vice Chairman he oversaw all aspects of the development phase including the technical development of the interconnector system, the successful application for an exemption from EU regulation, the establishment of the project’s legal structure, the development team and the introduction of private equity capital.


EWIC is an electricity interconnector that connects the electricity transmission grids of Ireland and Great Britain and is a key national infrastructure, with a capacity of 500MW.

Philip Jordan, before joining Etchea Energy, was responsible for the development and implementation of the East West Interconnector construction agreements with a particular focus on the transition from inception, design, procurement and awarding of the various EPC Contracts (€500m) and various Consultancy services contracts (€100m) for the construction phase of the infrastructure. 
He oversaw the design, construction and commissioning phases of the project which included 200km of high voltage subsea cable across the Irish sea, 100km of high voltage land cable and the construction of two converter station buildings valued at €60m each.  
He offered hands-on management of the EPC Contractor and Owners Engineer to ensure the performance targets and key milestones were being achieved, and risk management processes were being rigorously applied. 
Philip oversaw the dispute resolution process through to successful conclusion, to the benefit of the shareholders.

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Celtic is an electricity interconnector project that aims to create an electrical interconnection between France and Ireland to allow the exchange of electricity between the two countries. It is being developed by EirGrid, the electricity transmission system operator in Ireland, and its French counterpart, RTE (Réseau de Transport d’Électricité). It has a capacity of 700MW.
Before joining Etchea Energy, Philip Jordan was part of the original project development team and provided strategic advice during the development phase, with particular focus on the transition from inception to design, and procurement.

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