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We have a long history of identifying out-of-the-ordinary, profitable, long-lived investments in the energy sector. We look for opportunities where investments have the latent potential to significantly outperform normal market returns. We are constantly searching out assets with interoperability potential or assets that will become pinch points as energy systems develop towards net zero.

We look at energy assets and businesses at all stages of their life cycle, from development through to assets positioned for a change of use.  Our primary focus is on infrastructure; however, we also look at other operating and technical businesses that demonstrate similar characteristics or in combination with infrastructure can enhance returns. 

The energy transition is a period that will yield significant investment opportunities. Etchea Energy is seeking out assets and businesses that will play a strategic role in the years to come.


The scope of our services ranges from the provision of bespoke advice on narrowly defined investment opportunities to the development of a full financing plan for complex greenfield projects. Our team is adept at setting out the architecture of transactions and working closely with our clients and their advisors to cover all aspects of the investment. We have an extensive knowledge of the major participants in the energy sector to assist our clients in thinking through strategic issues and making efficient decisions.

Regulation plays an important role in the energy sector and we work closely with regulators to develop mechanisms that can underpin an investment and create social welfare. 



Etchea Energy has extensive experience in preparing, administering, and negotiating large scale procurement programmes for our clients’ infrastructure projects.  Our early stage project planning ensures the choice of contract form meets investment objectives, lender requirements and compliance with legislation.

We provide strategic advice alongside our clients’ technical and legal advisors during the preparation of ITT packages and EPC contracts and can take an active part in subsequent negotiations with tenderers to find mutually acceptable solutions to address major contract risks.


We provide project director services to cover the day-to-day running of projects including budget responsibility and financial control. Our team has experience across all disciplines required in the development phase including financial, regulatory, technical and legal.

We develop detailed operating and economic models alongside our clients’ financial advisors to guide decision making at all stages of the project to focus on maximising project returns. 

We work closely with host country governments and the European Union to ensure a coordinated approach for the implementation of new strategic infrastructure and, where eligible, position projects to benefit from grants and subsidies.

Etchea Energy’s expertise in project financing provides a sound basis for project management to progress transactions while anticipating and structuring lenders' requirements at the early stages of development. This is reflected in our approach to procurement, contractual, financial and regulatory arrangements with detailed risk allocation between parties.

The ElecLink converter station in Folkestone (UK) (3).jpg


Etchea Energy’s expertise extends beyond the investment and procurement phases of large infrastructure projects, and our experts provide key strategic roles including EPC Contracts Manager, Construction Director and Operational Readiness Manager on projects such as high value HVDC Interconnectors. 

Our technical and commercial experience ranges from onshore to offshore assets, and we can provide expert advice on construction and operational readiness phases for the grid connections. 

We have overseen the design, construction and commissioning phases of HVDC projects which included 200km of high voltage subsea cable, 100km of high voltage land cable and the construction of two converter stations.  

We have practical experience of managing the contractual disputes that arise on large infrastructure projects and ensure that our clients' interests are best served through diligent contract administration and dispute resolutions. 


Etchea Energy's expertise includes the post-construction phases of the project life-cycle.

We can provide practical advice on the life-cycle management of strategic assets - including advice on 

setting the right policy to provide asset management objectives' frameworks which support the delivery of organisational objectives.   

To ensure assets are best utilised over their life-cycle in terms of performance, cost and risk, a robust asset management system should be implemented and our team have experience in overseeing the certification process to the international standards such as ISO 55001.  

We can advise on the resourcing and organisation of asset management activities to ensure that objectives are attained and that sufficient resource structures are carefully planned. 

Our experience includes overseeing the entire asset management process for large energy generators and HVDC Interconnectors. 

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