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Xlinks named by UK Government as one of the forward look, investment options in Powering up Britain

Updated: Apr 24

30 March 2023

  • HMG is actively exploring the potential for international projects to provide clean, affordable and secure power.

  • Government sets out interest in the Xlinks project, a proposed large scale onshore wind, solar and battery electricity generation site in Morocco that would exclusively supply power to the GB grid via high voltage direct current subsea cables.

In a policy paper issued today by the UK Government, Powering Up Britain – Energy Security Plan, the UK Government announces it is considering the viability and merits of the Xlinks Morocco – UK Power Project to understand how it could contribute to the UK’s energy security.

The paper outlines the Governments blueprint for the future of energy in the UK, outlining how they will diversify energy production by investing in renewables to deliver energy, consumer, climate and economic security for the country.

“The UK’s energy security is a vital national interest. So too, however, is the urgent need to stick to the Government’s 2035 net zero electricity system target and avoid short-term thinking that may derail the transition to clean, abundant sources of energy,” comments Simon Morrish, Xlinks CEO.

Morrish continues, “Therefore, we welcome the Government’s determination to work with Xlinks to implement our renewable energy venture. This first-of-its-kind Xlinks Morocco – UK Power Project will meet up to 8% of the UK’s electricity demand with renewable energy, reducing consumer bills and adding to security of supply in the process.”

Importantly, the paper also outlines how Britain needs and benefits from importing energy, now and in the future, securing energy supplies built on diversified sources of supply and relationships with strong, trusted partners and allies such as Morocco.

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