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Greenlink project progressing well in Wales: latest newsletter distributed to the local community

4 May 2023

The latest news on the construction of the Greenlink Interconnector in Wales has been shared with local people near the site in Pembrokeshire this week.

The May issue of the Greenlink Community Newsletter, which was distributed to residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the area, gives an update on engineering works both onshore and offshore, along with our support for charities and initiatives and an exciting prehistoric find!

Greenlink remains on course to be commissioned by the end of 2024. The update includes:

progress of construction of the newly-named Penfro Converter Station near Pembroke substation;

  • completion of installation of the duct pipes for the cables that connect the land to the sea at Freshwater West, the Welsh landfall for the interconnector;

  • the start of civil engineering to install approximately 7km of underground onshore cables on agriculture land and one road, and our measures to minimise traffic impacts;

  • the exciting discovery of rare remains from the Neolithic period near the Devil’s Quoit burial chamber;

  • an update on local jobs at the construction site, news of a school visit and donations made by Greenlink to local clubs and charities.

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